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Helices collaboration

Helices project

A collaboration with Jenny Katz. 

The name Helices, which means the plural of “helix,” references both the structure of DNA and the word “Ulysses,” the hero of the poem The Odyssey. The name was chosen to evoke both a mythic journey and the twining, creative, evolutionary nature of the work. Helices includes 2D and 3D visual art, writing, songwriting, music production, and videography. 

The project is structured into twelve movements, each two weeks long. Each movement culminates in a “cross” (the strands of the spiral coming together), where the artists exchange and discuss whatever responses they have created to the previous cross. This process of provocation, response, and switch is repeated each movement.

British philosopher Mary Midgley describes myth: “Myths are not lies. Nor are they detached stories. They are imaginative patterns, networks of powerful symbols that suggest particular ways of interpreting the world. They shape its meaning.”

Helices is a myth — an imaginative pattern that, like the DNA that informs its name, creates through its structure a specific, coherent, living being. In fact, Helices is a myth about the evolution of myths. The conception and cadence of the project has invited Binda and Jenny to increase their own sense of aliveness and meaning, ever more tuned to noticing and processing the sensations that occur when their own myth meets someone else’s. Says Binda, “The cross can lead to a moment of incongruence as the body and mind works to make sense of it. But it is also an opportunity to open the sensory gates and catch a glimpse of the wonder that is another world story, inviting acceptance and endless possibility.”

In movements 2 and 3, the pattern language of another myth-maker, Dale Rawlinson, made its way organically into the helixing. This incorporation sparked the artists’ desire to invite other makers to join in this new myth of shared, everyday creation. It is partially for this reason that we feel Helices would be so well suited to your gallery.

This project is now approaching its 9th movement. We may discover ways that its myth-making will continue to incorporate other strands.


Please scroll down for a few of the artifacts, songs and installations that have come out of Helices thus far.


Jenny mvmt 2





Binda mvmt 2


Binda movement 2


Jenny mvmt 4

Binda mvmt 5


Jenny and Binda mvmt 6 and 7. Jenny wrote, produced and sang a song in response to Binda’s installation above. 

Binda responded with a video – link below

The Body and the Story of the Body


Jenny movement 3

Link to Song: Shitty day


Binda movement 4

Response to song: Shitty Day


Jenny movement 7

Midway participant folder



Binda movement 8, Praise song image


Dale Rawlinson 

Daily fires


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