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Emergent Work




My art practice has shifted in the last four years. I recognize that a lot of work prior to the pandemic year of 2020 was grief work. It was stuck in a repetition compulsion of expressing and exploring suffering and hurt. It looked for what was going wrong. The slowing down that 2020 invited, led me, like so many others to read more, go out into the woods more, engage with nature more. What I found along the way was the power of connection to Self, and to our Earth.

I am both an artist and a psychotherapist. I feel most awake when in deep relation to others, and when I make things. In those moments there is a deep connection to the collective “red thread of aliveness” we are all a part of. – a thread that is always complex, ever evolving, at times ugly and pain filled and at others beautifully, sensationally juicy and moving.

My art practice is multi disciplinary. I make images, installations and objects prompted by being in relation to the world in an emergent, ever fluctuating way. I am as interested in the sensation of tree bark on my fingertips as I am in the visions I get of the vibrational fields sensed when in relation to all living beings. This website contains all the filaments that are contained in my thread and the mycelial network it ties into.




those seeds

As noted above, my work has shifted in the last two years. As a result, I am intentionally shifting out of a documentation of despair, trauma and grief. That said, work that documents that state has its place. There is a lot that is not working on this planet because of human choices made, systems of oppression that have an intensely firm foothold in our psyches, and people with power who are not connected to the center within themselves. But it seems to me that it has to be accompanied with a more love centered and reciprocal intention. So this work is a spring board to engaging in what Rivera Sun calls the Dandelion Insurrection. Each dandelion seed is one in the whole. We are those seeds. We can be individual seeds of love that are always connected to all the other seeds that came from the whole.

earlier Work

The beginnings



The work in this section was made earlier in life. It explores notions of identity, home, the experience of having been raised female, communication and mis-communication. Much of it holds experiences of dislocation, trauma and isolation in its grip. Much of it no longer exists. This website serves both as a record of what remains, and a marker for the foundation from which later work emerged.

As Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen * says: “There is something in nature that forms patterns. We, as part of nature, also form patterns. The mind is like the wind, and the body like the sand: If you want to know how the wind is blowing, look at the sand”. This work is a visceral result of the wind and sand responding to the sources of the winds I experienced and metabolized.

* Founder of Body Mind Centering

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