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Mycelium Rising

What is the sensation of connecting threads between all living beings?

Mycelium are fungal roots that form a vast network underground connecting trees and other plant life. It has been called Earth’s natural internet. This installation is inspired by this vast microscopic web and invites the viewer to imagine the presence of this vast web underfoot. Some of the network can be seen from above, and some of it is elevated such that one can walk below it. To spend time with Mycelium Rising is to tap into the reciprocal network that is always there between all living beings on this planet.

You can see a short video of the piece here

Invitations to build mycelium webs in public or private spaces are welcome.

This installation was created in September 2021 at the invitation of Kyra Kristof as part of the Forest Kitchen Project, with assistance and energetic resonance from Hannah Fuller Boswell. You can read more here.

Mycelium Studio

Ongoing explorations into how a mycelial network grows. Where are the points of tension and the points of slack? How many neighboring trees does the mother tree connect with? Do connections travel up and down or just vertically? How to convey the interconnectedness of all matter and energy?

You can see a video of this installation in progress here and here

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