Binda Colebrook

grief work

Hemlock Habitat Disappearing Act

The Eastern Hemlock is currently under threat  from an infestation of the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid which is a tiny aphid-like creature that sucks the hemlock’s  sap, draining it of liquids and nutrients, and in so doing, killing the tree. It is originally from Japan and has no predators in the United States. It was brought to the US by humans who imported infected plants. The animals who live in and around this tree are also under threat as the trees die and their habitat devolves.

The piece consists of a central ghost drawing of the Eastern Hemlock and the creatures in its habitat who are endangered. Above it sits a drawing of the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid that has been magnified. It is actually the size of a pinhead. Water colors of each animal rendered in their vivid colors are placed to the left and right of the central ghost drawing. A water color of the Hemlock is placed below it. Recordings of the animal sounds will be played on a loop in the space.

This piece aims to render visually the consequences of human activity in a capitalistic, corporate driven system which holds little regard for the consequences on other living beings of  actions taken. It is not a piece about paths toward healing, but more an invitation to wake up and contemplate on how to shift out of a capitalist approach.

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