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Grasp Stones

Grasp Stones Offering

In February of 2021, as the Covid 19 pandemic stretched into its 11th month, and the winter felt interminable, I decided to invite people to participate in this project. The goal was to offer participants a way to soothe themselves in these isolating and difficult times. I sent participants two lumps of clay and an instruction sheet so they could make their own grasp stones.

This offering is open to anyone who is interested. Here’s how it works: You ask me for a kit. I give it to you. You make your grasp stones following the instructions in the kit. You tell me when they are ready or mail them back to me. I fire and glaze them and return them to you. This is an offering, so no money is involved (other than postage at your end to get them back to me).
If you are so moved, I invite you to photograph your stones once they are glazed and returned to you, and email or text the resulting photos for my documentation.
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Below are images of other people’s grasp stones

Below is the instruction sheet included in the kit, and a link to the video demo

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