Binda Colebrook

emergent work

Grasp Stone Ware

The Grasp collection and Bark imprints are part of CB Stoneware. For more information about ordering, prices, sizes etc, please contact Binda. Some pieces from each collections are also available for purchase at Sticks and Bricks in Northampton MA, or Catskill and Co online.

For more information about the Grasp action go to Yield to Pull page

Each Grasp Candlestick and Grasp bud vase is the result of the action  imprinted on the clay as it is “grasped” by the artist’s hand. To grasp is one of the foundational movements we learn to make as we develop. To do so can be very settling – think about the sensation of a loved one’s hand slipping yours and the way your fingers close around theirs.

Each Ridgeline Incense Holder is the result of the action imprinted on the clay as it is “grasped” by the artist’s hand. This grasping motion leaves us with a ridgeline silhouette that holds echos of what was before.The ridgeline of a landscape is formed in deep time – a grasp in a brief moment of time. Both involve the molding and erosion of matter, making visible the imprint of was, and what remains.

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